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Faculty Members :
Name Designation
Dr. Smt. M. V. Shukla I/C principal
Dr. Harshad Raval Adhyapak Sahayak
Dr. Vimal Pandya Adhyapak Sahayak
Dr.Alkesh Swami Adhyapak Sahayak
Shri A. H. Shukla Advocate, Part time lecturer
Shri P. N. Parmar
Advocate, District and Government pleader,
Part time lecturer
Shri A. V. Khambhata Advocate, Part time lecturer
Shri M. A. Shaikh Advocate, Part time lecturer
Shri P. M. Modi Advocate, Part time lecturer
Shri C. J. Pistolwala Advocate, Part time lecturer
Shri I. B. Mistry Advocate, Part time lecturer
Guest Lecturers :
Name Designation
Shri M. R. Thakore Sr. Advocate and Chairman of the Institute
Shri K. M. Thakore Sr. Advocate
Shri C. B. Modi Advocate
Administrative Staff :
Name Designation
Shri K. C. Prajapati Head Clerk
Shri H. M. Parmar Senior Clerk
Shri M. Vasava Junior Clerk
Shri D. H. Raj Junior Clerk
Shrimati Anlata Prajapati Librarian
Shri D. A. Chauhan Peon
Shri J. A. Solanki Sweeper/Peon


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