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Dear students,

Being the I/C Principal of the M.S.K. Law College , Bharuch, it becomes my duty to provide you excellent atmosphere for Legal learning and quality education from the resources available with us to get the best output from you in the form of Legal experts. The team management is trying their level best to provide you the finest facilities in the form of teachers, library and study material, airy and spacious classrooms, internet services and above all a computer centre and Dell Lab in the Campus. The best and optimum use of the facilities is bound to bring excellent result.

I am well aware that you are performing well, but some extra efforts can make you best among others. Hard work and determination to do the best always brings unexpected results for which everyone takes proud for you. It is well said by Shiv Khera “Winners don’t do different things they do the things differently”,  and that is why they are great, my expectation from you is just to make you great Human being & an excellent advocate the rest of the things will involuntarily follow.

Owing to the rising demand of legal awareness in the country students of our law college must excel. I am sure that the students will have a bright law career and they will measure up to the expectations and high standards demanded by the legal profession.

Looking forward to a great future together !


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